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Have you seen our St. Joesph home selling kit?


8 1/2" by 11" booklet

Number G03 $5.00


booklet 11" by 14" in its original decorative envelope

Number G05



Number G04 $5.00

about a 10" by 10" photo


Number G02 8" by 10" photo $5.00

Number G01 8" by 10" photo $5.00 plus shipping


U.S.Airforce, pillow cover, DREWFIELD,FLA. 40
WWII Air Force Pillow. This came from an Estate and was actually given to his wife during WWII. She kept it in her trunk all these years. It is in mint condition. I think it a very thoughtful gift from a loving husband. I hope you can read the poem. It measures 21 inches by 19 inches including the fringes. Please E-mail us at, <>


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